Hollywood Walk of Fame masterplan set to improve pedestrian experience

Recently Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell released the vision of a concept plan to enhance the built environment and improve the pedestrian experience on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2019, the Gensler team was retained to work on a “Master Plan” for the historic Walk of Fame with the goal of designing a more pleasant, cohesive, and enjoyable experience along the public right-of-way. The concept plan is the first major step toward the final Master Plan. Based on the design and recommendations contained within the Master Plan, the City will plan for targeted construction projects to improve the area.

“The Walk of Fame Master Plan is the signature project of my ‘HEART of Hollywood’ initiative, and the concept plan is just the first step,” said Councilmember O’Farrell.

The concept plan is the product of months of community outreach, including focus group meetings, an open house, and over 20 roundtable discussions hosted by the Councilmember’s office. Community outreach efforts will continue as the plan moves forward. The plan envisions a Walk of Fame that better accommodates people, especially pedestrians, and businesses by adding more street trees, sidewalk dining, and lighting, to name just a few of the proposed amenities.

The concept plan is viewable online at http://www.heartofhollywood.la, where Hollywood stakeholders are encouraged to view the document and provide feedback. In 2020, Gensler and the City will further their technical analysis of the area, and perform more refined design proposals on various elements that may be recommended.

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering is the lead City agency on the project.

The consultant team includes Genslar, Studio-MLA, DCA Civil Engineering Group, Historic Resources Group, Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants.

Review the concept plan here, and provide feedback here.

Images Courtesy of City of Los Angeles

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