Habitat Filter | Melbourne, Australia | Matt Drysdale, Matt Myers, Tim Dow & Tract

Designed for Transurban and situated in the Melbournes Art precinct on an inaccessible freeway off-ramp island, this major sculptural installation provides an integrated approach of artwork paired with habitat. Solar panels power provide some electricity for lighting, bird boxes provide shelter for wildlife, Steel mesh has been incorporated into the forms so that the vegetation can “take over” and the site has been heavily planted and not accessible to the general public. Our aim on the project was that the trees and planted landscape will eventually grow up and around the sculptures so that they become part of the landscape as opposed to being the key feature. Sort of relics in the bush.

Habitat Filter features a series of ‘pods’, the largest over 25m high, with a range of sustainability elements including specially designed nesting boxes for birds and bats, solar panels to offset nighttime lighting energy needs and the use of recycled materials in construction.

Project outcomes
31% carbon footprint reduction achieved through design and construction initiatives
80% of suppliers/contractors within 30km
18,000 native plants planted and an improvement in ecological value of 0.347 or ‘3 points’ under the Green Building Council of Australia’s rating system
220 volunteer hours
34% cement replacement in concrete mixes
65% recycled aggregates
70% of structural steel provided by fabricator accredited to the Environmental Sustainability Charter of the Australian Steel Institute
73% recycled content in steel reinforcement
30% recycled aluminium content
100% of timber from reclaimed sources
100% of PVC meets Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the built environment
10kW Solar PV system designed to offset nighttime lighting energy demand
90% recycling of construction waste

Habitat Filter

Design Team:  Matt Drysdale, Matt Myers & Tim Dow
Documentation Team : Tract Consultants – Deiter Lim, Mariano Lopez, Helen Wellman, George Zhuo

Project Location | Southbank, Melbourne, Australia
Photographer | John Gollings

Client | Transurban

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