Greenland Shenyang Primus Hotel | Shenyang China | ASPECT Studios


Located in the Shenyang Qipan Mountain National Scenic Area, Shenyang Primus Resort is a 67 hectare national facility which caters for eco-tourism, recreation and large-scale government events.The resort is nestled in a valley between two famous mountains; Qipan Mountain and Hui Mountain which overlooks the beautiful Xiu Lake.


The master plan incorporates the ambitious development program which includes a five star hotel, a conference centre and recreational facilities for large state functions including the State Guest House and the Liaoning International Conference Centre which hosted the reception for the Twelfth China National Games in 2013. The objective was to create an exclusive retreat that retains the natural character of the area while incorporating traditional Chinese aesthetics, in a minimal, yet contemporary manner. The surrounding landscape balances the scale of the modern Chinese architectural grouped into compounds surrounded by hilly terrain, rocky outcrops, forests and streams.




The central lake and stream is the primary landscape feature fed naturally from Xiu Lake. Courtyards, terraces and garden rooms are designed around the buildings and respond to the buildings specific functions. Natural stone walls provide a landscape plinth which unites each group of buildings. The strong linear design language of local stone is extended throughout the landscape as walls which create formal semi private courtyards, waterfront decks and outdoor dining terraces.




Greenland Shenyang Primus Hotel | Shenyang China | ASPECT Studios

Location |                     Qipanshan Scenic Area, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China
Client |                          Greenland Group

Team |
ASPECT Studios

Year |                           2013
Budget |                        5 Billion RMB
Area size |                    67 hectares
Photography |              Andrew Lloyd

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