Green Varnish by Nomad Studio at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Image Credit | Laura Santin

Green Varnish explores the necessity of hiding inconvenient realities with polite beauty. A green fabric elegantly covers all the inopportune facts. 

We ignore inconvenient information. It is admirable how reactionary we are toward information that brings implicit changes; obviously, we have lost perspective of our role within this large system of life of which we belong. Life is change and we forcefully reject impermanence.Flexibility, adaptability and diversity are key aspects of a resilient system; a system in a dynamic equilibrium.  Our landscapes, the intricate relationships between culture and territory, speak of rigidity, in-adaptability and fragmentation. Hence, they are unbalanced landscapes, condemned to intensive restructuring.

Image Credit | David Johnson

Image Credit | David Johnson
Image Credit | David Johnson
Image Credit | Nomad Studio

We live in denial within a vanishing landscape. However, deep inside of the collective awareness, it is clear we need to overcome those major changes. Currently, our response is completely reactionary and we mainly express it in two different manners: pure rejection or some form of green-shift that enables us to continue in the same path. We completely depend on natural systems and their environmental services. These services are provided by an interconnected natural network of complex relations. This natural system self-regulates as if its function was to maintain life. Human activities are altering these regulations to a point of no return.

Image Credit | jarred gastreich
Image Credit | David Johnson
Image Credit | David Johnson
Image Credit | jarred gastreich

We could continue ignoring the facts. We would like to invite you to apply a green varnish to your life-style, and move forward. We should continue ignoring inconvenient information, should we not?

Contemporary Museum of Art (CAM)
Contemporary Museum of Art (CAM)

Green Varnish | St. Louis, USA | Nomad Studio 

Location | Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM).
Firm |Nomad Studio
Consultants | Iria Perez and Assoc., LIA Engineering, Collab – Portico, Green Roof Blocks, CAM team.
Image Credits |  All photos and graphics as credited, if not, then courtesy of Nomad Studio.
Text Credit | Nomad Studio

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