Gemdale City | Dalian, China

A Wild and Romantic Park in a City Surrounded by Mountains and Seas.

The space overall is relaxing and simple, striking the perfect balance among terrains, architecture, plants, and installations against the backdrop of oceans and mountains. With the most natural design approach, we introduce as many natural elements as possible into the space. Inspired by Lighthouse Hotel by Geoffrey Bawa, we present the regional features in the simple approach, echoing the ordered buildings, red rocks, natural plants as well as the romance in the site.

In this park seated in a city near the sea, we respect the local environment, make proper use of the hilly structures, connect all spaces into a natural flow, and turn all of them into a part of the landscapes nearby.

While respecting the original space structure, the design team attach greater importance to human beings. Instead of closing the space up, we encourage the natural interactions between human beings and the mountains and seas. Here, we get wind from the seas, the light, and the shadow. It’s just quiet, wild, and romantic.

Gemdale City | Dalian, China | ANTAO

Design Company: ANTAO

Collaborators (Construction drawing designer): Dalian Urban Planning & Design Institute Collaborators (Construction designer): Shanghai GEE Design Company

Collaborators (Sculpture designer): Huo Boyang, director and professor of Sculpture Department, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

Collaborators (Constructor): Dalian Gardening & Landscape Company


Image: Shrimp Studi

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