Forms+Surfaces is a leading designer and manufacturer of site furniture and outdoor lighting used in public spaces worldwide. You’ll find our products in city centers, corporate campuses, parks, airports, transit stations, shopping malls, universities, healthcare facilities, and more.

F+S products offer cohesive solutions for public spaces of all kinds—indoors or out. Whether combining elements from a single family or drawing on multiple groups, the line makes it easy to carry design and material themes across a property while creating a sense of place and meeting diverse functional needs.

TheF+S Site Furniture line includes benches, bike racks, tables and chairs, sunshades, and litter and recycling receptacles. Options encompass a wide range of aesthetics and standard designs as well as impressive customization potential. All are distinguished by their ability to perform in today’s public spaces.

F+S Outdoor Lighting blends precision craftsmanship, LED technologies, and high-performance materials and finishes. Illuminated and non-illuminated bollards, bollards with security core variations, pathway bollards, and coordinating pedestrian fixtures are among the options.

Beyond StandardWhen your needs go beyond standard, many F+S products can be modified, or used as inspiration for something completely new. Modified standard products can be a great way to take an existing F+S design beyond its normal configuration options, add graphics or branding, or alter a product’s size, material or finish.

Materials Matter. The materials and finishes used in F+S products are an integral part of each design. Always on the lookout for new and environmentally sound options, Forms+Surfaces selects materials and finishes for their beauty; for their ability to perform well over time; and to give you choices you can feel good about specifying. F+S products emphasize stainless steel, aluminum, responsibly sourced hardwoods, and low- and no-VOC finishes.

Performance. Solid construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and high-performance finishes contribute to our products’ ability to stand up to the long-term challenges of today’s public spaces. We design our products to be as durable as they are beautiful; specify Forms+Surfaces, and you get quality that lasts a lifetime, and designs that will endure.

For more than five decades Forms+Surfaces has been working with clients to develop highly adaptable products and real-world design solutions. The result? A vast portfolio of successfully completed projects around the world.

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