Forms+Surfaces Lighting Receives International DarkSky Approval

Forms+Surfaces has received the International DarkSky Association Fixture Seal of Approval, which provides objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimizes light pollution. 

The International DarkSky Approved F+S luminaires (lighting fixtures) utilize 3000K LEDs and span three F+S lighting families: Aptos, Helio and Radia. Designed to minimize blue light output and reduce light trespass into the night sky, all are a perfect solution for projects in historic districts, cities, and parks where preservation and restoration of the natural night environment is a focus.

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting fixtures with 3000K LEDs are available with a single or double luminaire to direct light only where desired.

Aptos Bollards are sleek in appearance and available in both hardwired and solar-powered configurations with 3000K LEDs.

Helio Bollards, Series 600, 900 and 1200 with 3000K LEDs, offer 180° and 360° light distribution options as well as security core variations.

Radia Bollards and Pathway Bollards with 3000K LEDs have an elegant cove-style design in hardwired and solar-powered configurations.

International DarkSy Asssociation

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognized authoritative voice on combatting light pollution. The organization is a multinational collaboration of doctors, researchers, scientists, advocates, members, and volunteers who have made it the instrumental association in the fight against light pollution and its detrimental effects on our world.

Thus, the goal of the IDA is not to turn off the lights of the world, but to put them to better, more meaningful and less impactful use. Their programs as an association include DarkSky research and advocacy, support for DarkSky tourism (including naming DarkSky Destinations) and to offering educational resources for designers and consumers.

F+S Looks to the Future

The Forms+Surfaces design team has always been thoughtful about creating lighting that blends precision craftsmanship, LED technologies, and durable, high-performance green materials and finishes. Another key focus has been to deliver products with downward-facing illumination to reduce light pollution.

Looking forward, the team is committed to meeting the International DarkSky Association requirements for lighting products and will be adding designs and configurations to the list of approved fixtures in the future.

F+S in Australia and New Zealand

Adam Carey MIES, Forms+Surfaces’ State Manager for Outdoor Victoria, Australia, is a recognised Lighting Engineer with a focus on exterior lighting. His history in DarkSky advocacy began in 2012 and then culminated in authoring the Sunshine Coast Urban Lighting Masterplan, which was the first council to place an environmental lighting overlay across the region, and he currently volunteers for the Australasian DarkSky Alliance.

“It’s really exciting that our design team at Forms+Surfaces has taken this leadership approach to understanding DarkSky related issues, and we look forward to working with our clients to create environmentally sensitive lighting solutions.”

To learn more about Forms+Surfaces’ International DarkSky Approved lighting, visit

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