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Market of Vlaardingen - Stijlgroep landscape and urban design

The Market of Vlaardingen is the very most historic part of Vlaardingen (NL). Since the early beginnings this has been the space of the public, cultural life and it is still. Stijlgroep landscape and urban design had been commissioned for the redesign of this prominent square. The design phase has been completed in 2011 and the square is due to delivery in 2012.

The monumental trees, the existing brick walls around the church, the historic town hall and the Geuzenmonument (reminding of the first major resistance group in the Netherlands and the people who died in concentration camps) define the atmosphere of the Market.

Market of Vlaardingen - Stijlgroep landscape and urban design

The three dimensional arrangement of the trees in the shape of an ellipse is the most dominate spatial element and has been consequently translated into a two dimensional design. A carpet of red bricks is forming the neutral base of the whole square wherein the different elements are manifested. The shape of the ellipse has been emphasized with help of a unique, custom made tree grid from corten steel at the northern side and a large lawn area at the southern side of the church. Both elements will improve the growing conditions for the trees. The ellipse is not a consistent element, but has been interrupted at several locations to indicate walking routes and most important to let the Geuzenmonument come to its rights. In order to avoid any conflicts the monument stands autonym on the square being freed from any constricting design elements.

An outer ring of Swedish granite is emphasizing the shape of the ellipse and is accentuating the transition from open space to the surrounding buildings. At the same time this paving zone offers the possibility to restaurants being located around the square for having an outdoor terrace.

Market of Vlaardingen - Stijlgroep landscape and urban design

The minimalistic yet very thoughtful design, the conscious choice of material will transfer the market into a high quality space which contributes respect to the history of the square without being historicizing: modern history

The square will dare people to rest in the shadow of the monumental linden, to enjoy a cool drink at one of the terraces and offers space for a diverse range of activities such as markets.

So, let’s take of to wonderland and fly away.

Market of Vlaardingen - Stijlgroep landscape and urban design
Side Section
Market of Vlaardingen - Stijlgroep landscape and urban design
Cross Section


Client: Municipality Vlaardingen
Location: Vlaardingen (the Netherlands)

Landscape architect: Stijlgroep landscape and urban design

Year (design): 2010


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