Edge Effect | Quebec, Canada | SNØHETTA

Within the narrow threshold between boreal forest and field exists an environmental condition that enables a particular set of species to colonize, thriving on the effect of two contrasting environments side by side. Edge Effect places a circle of steel between forest and field to create a series of variable experiences related to being on the edge.


Our garden is designed to heighten the notion that simultaneous access to more than one habitat creates richness. Passing through this garden, one will experience several conditions: the transition of the ground between forest floor and un-mown field, the physical threshold between horizontal and vertical ecotones, and the moment where the edge becomes the center.

Two environments are stitched together by two simple systems – a curved steel channel structure and a network of nylon ropes. Designed to accommodate plants, animals and humans, the steel structure is  self-supporting and a blanket of woven rope flares out from the structure. The ropes are stretched with varying tautness, transitioning from a horizontal plane (hammock) in the field to a vertical one (climbing net) in the forest.



Edge Effect | Quebec, Canada | SNØHETTA

International Garden Festival
Jardins de Métis, Quebec, Canada
Completed 2014

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