Thank you for your interest in your design firm becoming a member of World Landscape Architecture. By joining, foster the landscape architecture profession and independent publishing that provides knowledge and professional development for landscape architects.

Why become a Design Firm Member?

When you join WLA, you support the following:

  • The publishing of a diverse range of landscape architecture projects, news, and competitions
  • Promotion of greater discourse within the profession by funding independent editorial
  • Assist WLA in promoting and advocating for landscape architecture
  • Receive recognition for your design firm or product company across the world
  • Boost your team morale by becoming a WLA member and publishing your projects that your team has created
  • Increase recognition of your brand and your team through publishing projects, news, profiles and articles on WLA.
  • Have the ability to share your projects, company news, and people profiles on your social media channels to increase your brand recognition and tag your clients and stakeholders to increase recognition of their part in the project or news.

What benefits do you receive as a Design Firm Member?

You will receive various benefits depending on the annual membership you select:

  • Monthly member newsletter
  • A Welcome Notice on the website and social media
  • Company Logo on the website footer, email newsletter
  • Company Profile on WLA
  • Feature Projects
  • Product Posts
  • People Profiles
  • Discounts on WLA Awards
  • Free Job Listings
  • Gain Access to the Editorial Calendar and be on the member list to provide quotes for articles.

We have two different levels of Design Firm Membership, Sponsor and Partner.

Annual Memberships are 365 (366) days from the date of payment

Note: Your company will supply the writing, copy, text, and images for project posts, people profiles, job listings, etc. WLA can assist with writing the articles for an additional fee.

Purchase a membership

Payment options include Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Google Pay, UnionPay, and Alipay 支付宝 and the amounts are in $AUD Australian Dollars (25 Feb 2024 – $500AUD = approx. $330USD, €300 CNY¥2600; $750AUD is $495USD, €455, CNY¥3550)
Memberships are 365 (366) days from the date of purchase.

Questions ?

If you have any questions, feel free to email Damian Holmes [email protected]