Design Climate Survey

Reflections on our collective professional aspirations in the face of climate change

By Sourav Biswas, Justin Kollar & Thomas Nideroest

Climate change is one of the greatest existential threats to humanity. But how well do planners and designers understand our role in facing the crisis?

To date, professional organizations like the ASLA, APA, AIA, LAF and ASCE have taken positions on climate change.  However, there has not been systematic engagement to gauge the collective aspirations of our peers to confront climate change.

The Design Climate Survey – developed by the International Landscape Collaborative (ILC) – seeks to understand how planning and design professionals across the US and the world perceive their role in addressing the threats of climate change and building an environmentally just future. With responses from thousands of professionals from around the world, this survey will offer an informed foundation upon which we redefine our value proposition, explore new practice models, expand our engagement, and cultivate meaningful collaborations.

Please take the Design Climate Survey here!

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