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The Continental Gin is so much more than just a historic building in Deep Ellum–it’s a true icon of Dallas and the cornerstone from which Deep Ellum’s history was built. What was once the largest manufacturer of cotton gins in the world is now an experiential office, retail, and neighborhood destination with its beautiful well-crafted urban landscape.

The Continental Gin Building 133 years old, has reopened as an icon reimagined, featuring contemporary indoor and outdoor biophilic workspace for Deep Ellum professionals of all kinds and boasting boutique amenities that elevate CGB’s 19th century charm for 21st century use in an almost post pandemic genre.

The Mixed-Use project within the Dallas Urban fabric celebrates the largest open space in Deep Ellum with many opportunities to for gathering and celebrations for the community at large. The Developer, Architect and Landscape Team worked together to preserve all original walkways and elements of the cotton gin historic past to be preserved. The iconic water tank is painted with vibrant graphics adding to the charm of Deep Ellum as a landmark.  The industrial past of the building with its weight machines, elevated board walks, canopy and cranes are woven into the fabric of the landscape as sculptural elements

The project is accessible from DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transport) and nearest trail system with owners thoughtfully providing bike racks and seating spaces sprinkled throughout the project set in native planting of Texas landscape. The space is designed for large scale events enable by closing down the parking to organize art fairs and community events. A wrap around elevated deck provides connection to the built and natural environment and opportunities to experience the landscape. The exceptional night sky friendly lighting keeps the space active and safe for late evening strollers.

Continental Gin Building Landscape

Location : Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, USA

Landscape Architect: Complete Landscaulpture

Project Team members:

Lead Designer & Project Coordinator / Text : Santosh George, ASLA

Chris Strempek, President Complete Landsculpture LP

Jorge Burbano, Director of Construction

Craig Walker, Estimator

Robey Canaday, Arborist & lighting

Javier Lopez, Irrigation Manager

Richard Garcia, Project Manager Construction

Developer: Jordan & Evan August, August Real Estate Co., Dallas

Architect: Truett Roberts, AIA TKTR Architects, Dallas

Client Representative& Coordinator: Jon Hendrickson, Inspired Stewardship, LLC

General Contractor: Jeremy Rettig and Ty Walton : Project Managers, Hill and Wilkinson, Dallas

Photography: Santosh George, ASLA & Chad Hatcher, Xtreme Heights Production

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