Confluence Banquets and Resort | Chennai, India | ONE landscape


Located in the outskirts of Chennai, India, Confluence is a unique project in its scale and aspiration. Conceived as a resort destination it also contains a convention building with a large lawn.  The villa zone overlooks a lush central garden with series of pavilions and platforms terminating at the swimming pool in front of the club house building.



A rich pattern inspired by the logo of the development acts as an additional layer superimposed on the minimalistic landscape features of walls and pavilions. An extended rectangular landscape pavilion set at the edge of the pool frames the central garden.



Developed by Arun Excello and spread across a site of around 4 ha it has started operating as a hugely successful destination since the beginning of this year.


 Confluence Banquets and Resort | Chennai, India | ONE landscape 

Landscape Architect | ONE landscape 

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