City Garden | Copenhagen Denmark | 1:1 landskab

The new City Garden in Valby(district of Copenhagen) offers lush green hills, flowering beds, playful elements and a new meeting place for the residents of all ages living in the area. The City Garden consist of three main element; The Urban Forest, placed in the gardens southern part, has an open canopy of different oak trees forming a ceiling, while the square itself is open from all sides.

The square, which has become an urban hub, also has an integrated rainwater management solution; round basins in different sizes are places in between the tree trunks. Here rainwater is collected and slowly percolated and evaporated whilst the sky is reflected and the sunlight is drawn to square’s floor. The Hilly Garden is a green playful element that gathers the site from east to west.


The garden is sun exposed during the day and the colorful flower beds and blossoming fruit trees are visually inviting people to stay. Read a book in the grass, have a picnic with your friends or run with the children up and down the green hills. The Active Edge is marking the transition from the Urban Forest and the quiet street to the garden. The edge is an active furniture, 100 meters made in wood that breaks up and down, and shifts between being broad and narrow in the middle of the City Garden where you can sit, play and meet other people.’

City Garden | Copenhagen Denmark | 1:1 landskab

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