China Fortune Tian Di Phase 1 | Design Land Collaborative

The urban topography creates a “built landscape” effect, where architecture and nature are fused and blended. The site is located by the edge of a canal, which was previously hidden away from the public eye.

The project identity is defined by the landscape with an interplay of layers, giving a variety of views and colours.

Design Idea:
The vertical colored fins found on the curtain wall of China Fortune Tian Di’s facade produce different visual effects depending on what direction you are viewing. As you move around the building the architecture varies in texture and color and is in constant motion depending on the direction it is viewed. As a response, the landscape also is with movement; choreographed to be in constant motion of color as it moves up and through the architecture like a ribbon of seasonal color. 

The interface of landscape and architecture demonstrates how the integrated practice of landscape and architecture can have dramatic environmental consequences: the ecological role of both ceases to be a separate agenda and allows for buildings and landscapes to perform as linked interactive systems that heal the environment.

The landscape provides a unique and comfortable environment for office tenants. It is also an ecological landmark for an office located in the center of a high-density Shanghai metropolis and serves as an everyday reminder that innovation is a continued transformation of ideas and connection.

China Fortune Tian Di Phase 1

Design Company: Design Land Collaborative Ltd (DLC)

Photography Credit: Design Land Collaborative Ltd (DLC)

DLC team:
Lead Designer:Dwight Law
Team member:Liangjian Xia, Yong Zhang, Jingya Wang, Wenhao Jiang, Wenlei Chu, Xinbei Yang, Yong Kong, Longping Li 夏良健 张勇 王静雅 蒋文浩 褚文磊 杨芯蓓 孔勇 李龙平

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