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China Fortune Business Center is located in Xuhui, a Shanghai district famous for the sycamore-lined streets, colonial-era villas and high-end boutiques and restaurants of the former French Concession.

Design Idea

The China Fortune Business Center for research and innovation, a campus located within the Xuhui district of Shanghai, is nestled within an oasis of native grasses, wildflowers and Cypress trees (Taxodium distichum). The designed natural environment helps establish a composed relationship between sustainability, local botanical culture and a natural healthy working environment for the tenants working there. Rainwater harvesting used for irrigation, toilet flushing, water features and other needs are in full display as an aesthetic yet functional and creative standard for research and innovation; a reminder for what China Fortune Business Center stands for.

The landscape provides an ideal setting for the powerful financial institutions that have offices within the campus, and who contribute to the prosperity of Shanghai.

Paths meandering through the trees give an opportunity for tenant to take a break from the pressures of work and to regenerate their wellbeing.

Boardwalks that traverse boulder-strewn areas also evoke a feeling of nature, and coffee shops with outdoor-seating, flourish in an area calmed by natural flowers. The people working at the center have the opportunity to relax in an environment in which biodiversity flourishes.

The landscape provides a unique and comfortable environment for the office tenants. It is also an ecological landmark for an office located in the center of a high density Shanghai metropolis and serves as an everyday reminder that innovation is a continued transformation of ideas and accomplishment.

China Fortune Business Center

Landscape Architect | Design Land Collaborative Ltd (DLC)

Design Land Collaborative team:
Lead Designer:Dwight Law
Team member:Liangjian Xia, Yong Zhang, Jingya Wang, Wenhao Jiang, Wenlei Chu, Xinbei Yang, Yong Kong, Longping Li

Photography Credit: Design Land Collaborative Ltd

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