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Kerb Journal is one of the longest-running publications of its kind in the world. Over that time, Kerb has served as testbed for the critical explorations of a host of emerging Australian landscape architecture and city-making professionals. The editors of KERB have put out the call for submissions for this year’s edition:


A force of disturbance and surprise, a catalyst for evolution in the natural world. We invite you with your opinions on can reimagining what is ‘wild’ liberate us from our damaging systems of control?

Wild: a concept that is at once a romanticised abstraction and an opening into the deepest elements of existence, where we see nature in its rawest form. It is a force of disturbance and surprise, a catalyst for evolution in the natural world.

Yet at this moment a paradox of the ‘wild’ and ‘intellect’ is at play on our planet. A discord within a ‘so called civilised’ understanding of our relationship with the environment.

Kerb 29 welcomes contributions from all disciplines to spark a timely debate around the concept of ‘wildness,’ asking if, how, and why we should embrace it. Join us on this journey as we prepare to get wild!

For more information on this year’s theme please visit our website We are seeking a Max 200-word abstract, due April 21, 2021.

2023 WLA Professional Awards registrations close on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 11:59pm London, UK.
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