Built Large – 2019 WLA Awards Shortlist

Bud and Susie Rogers Garden | Photo Credit | Sahar Coston-Hardy

Bud and Susie Rogers Garden – Akron, Ohio, USA – OLIN
The garden replaces what was once a cracked asphalt surface parking lot with a flexible, fully accessible, and beautiful garden—a green jewel that elegantly merges the rich ecological vocabulary of Northeastern Ohio with the city’s proudly industrious Rust Belt heritage.

Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park – Bangkok Thailand – Landprocess

Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park – Bangkok Thailand – Landprocess
Chulalongkorn Centenary Park is a the first critical piece of green infrastructure for the city of Bangkok, designed to mitigate detrimental ecological issues and add much-needed outdoor public space to the grey city.

Darling Harbour Public Realm | Photo Credit Simon Wood

Darling Harbour Public Realm – Sydney, Australia – HASSELL
By reinvigorating parklands, integrating landscapes and open space and incorporating water features, public artworks, plazas and event spaces, HASSELL has created opportunities for events and activities as varied as open-air concerts, circus events, market stalls and busking – and simple pleasures like splashing in shallow pools.

Huangpu River Banks | Photo Credit Yu Shen

Huangpu River Banks – Shanghai, P.R. China – Agence Ter
The 12ha Park of the Cement Factory creates a new horizon along the river bank. The ground is lifted to create a large linear hill-scape. The soft slope invites inhabitants of the future neighborhoods to take in open views of river landscape and at the same time offers a large playground and a forested retreat along the boulevard.

Jiangyin Greenway Loop | Urban Necklace | Image Credit – BAU

Jiangyin Greenway Loop | Urban Necklace – Jiangyin, P.R. China – BAU
The Jiangyin Greenway loop responds to a growing movement in China towards a cleaner environment, sustainable transportation, and urban enjoyment. The loop is made of four clearly identifiable sections, each with both unique expression and common elements.

Luxelakes Eco City

Luxelakes Eco City– Chengdu, China – GVL (Gossamer)
Based on Environmentally Sustainable Design Principles the rivers edge park integrates Sponge City principles – also known as Water Sensitive Urban Design – along a contemporary series of zigzag boardwalks.

Park of Boulogne Billancourt | Photo Credit – Agence Ter

Park of Boulogne Billancourt – Paris, France – Agence Ter
Through its linear form and its sunken configuration, the park evokes the image of a planted dock. The new living landscape of water, gravel beds, islands and marshes is that of a floodable river inlet, overlooked from hard edges like those of docks.

Stadium Park & Chevron Parkland | Photo Credit – Robert Frith

Stadium Park & Chevron Parkland – Perth, Australia – HASSELL
The Stadium Park development has rehabilitated this prominent site on the eastern foreshore of the Swan River – once a waste ground of the city – to provide a collection of scenic promenades, cycle paths, and flexible event, play and picnic spaces; filled with landmark public artworks.

SUND Nature Park | Photo Credit – Stamers Kontor

SUND Nature Park – Copenhagen Denmark – SLA
The built and grown environment melt together in outdoor study places, green resting areas and plenty of opportunities for informal social gathering. Nature flows in and out of the building, thus creating the best possible setting for a healthy and inspiring research and study life.

The Spheres | Photo Credit – Stuart Isett

The Spheres – Seattle, Washington, USA – Site Workshop
The immersive, nature-rich environment of The Spheres offers an innovative workplace typology that restores the mind and stretches the limits of biophilic design. At the same time, The Spheres is a proper botanical conservatory, home to more than 40,000 plants across 700 species and emphasizing the conservation of plants from the world’s tropical cloud forests.

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