Book Review | Representing Landscapes: Hybrid

Representing Landscapes: Hybrid edited by Nadia Amoroso looks at various methodoligies and projects that utilise a Hybrid and mixed media approach to create diagrams, plans, and illustrations (renders/perspectives). From photoshop with plans to hand drawings overlaid on photos and other mixtures of medium (digital and analog) the books seeks to showcase the myriad of methods and examples that are available to today’s landscape architect.

The chapters of Representing Landscapes: Hybrid follow varying landscape scales from the small (gardens, plazas) to medium to the large and the extra-large landscape. The book utilises the work of academics and professionals to showcase the differing methods. In addition to the images expressing various forms of visual communication, there are also short essays from the writers about their history, medium, methodology, and background process to achieve the end image. In the current publishing environment where monographs and image coffee table books are becoming the norm, it is refreshing to have a book that includes some descriptive sections that offer supporting information to the visual image.

This book is for those who are currently studying (or teaching) classes in visual communication but also those professionals looking to progress their digital communication. As an added bonus to this hardcopy book, there are also examples and downloadable images from the publisher’s website for use for practicing visual communication.

 Representing Landscapes: Hybrid was purchase by WLA at the 2017 ASLA conference in Los Angeles. It can be purchased from Amazon (affiliate link) for $USD48.10 (price at 27 May 2018)

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