ASPECT Studios appoints Jasmine Ong as a Studio Director

Jasmine Ong

ASPECT Studios has entered an exciting new phase in the growth of its Melbourne practice this week with the appointment of Jasmine Ong as Studio Director.

Jasmine Ong is a designer and leader defined by her passion for climate-positive design and inclusive leadership. She will complement the skillsets of our existing leaders in Melbourne by partnering with Director Kirsten Bauer and Studio Director Matthew Mackay to deepen our knowledge base and expand ASPECT Studios’ capabilities during a time of growth for the studio.

“I’m very pleased to be joining the Melbourne studio. My interests and my perspective as a designer align very neatly with the work that ASPECT Studios does, and this is a natural fit. At the same time, I believe there is a lot I can offer the studio and ASPECT Studios in terms of growth and development. I’m hopeful my experience across two decades will be useful, and I can’t wait to build on the success of the studio with Kirsten Bauer and Matt Mackay.”

Jasmine Ong, Studio Director – ASPECT Studios

The Melbourne studio will benefit from Jasmine’s experience in leading projects across the globe, including in Australia, the UK and China. Her forward-thinking portfolio of delivered projects spans the public and private sectors and a wide range of typologies and scales.

Jasmine is an experienced mentor of other designers, and she fosters design and technical competency across the Melbourne team. She challenges her colleagues to grow and develop by cultivating an open culture of knowledge sharing. She is the National Director and Company Secretary of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and has held roles at Martha Schwartz Partners and in other firms and professional associations around the world.

Her design approach is defined by the pursuit of design excellence and the surpassing of conventionalism to deliver award-winning, sustainable, inclusive and culturally respectful places. Her strategic mindset has seen her lead major projects through to award-winning completion. Our appointment of Jasmine is a statement of our commitment to our clients in Melbourne and Victoria and the people that use our projects every day.

Image Credit: ASPECT Studios

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