ASLA releases Back to School Toolkit

The American Society of Landscape Architects wants to help educators at all levels bring the outdoors into their classrooms. The Back to School Toolkit can help teachers develop lesson plans, provide some creative and innovative ideas, and gives students the research tools to fully appreciate landscape architecture and all it has to offer – and hopefully, have a little fun along the way.

Highlights from the Back to School Toolkit include:

Create a Rain Garden or Bioswale – Want to teach your students about the importance of sustainable design? See how to create a rain garden or bioswale to get them interested. (Recommended for grades 6-12)

Landscape Architects Got Game!: While your students might know every stat for the top-seeded teams, do they know that landscape architects are leaders in designing the courts used by their favorite players – and the courts they play on with their friends?

Landscape Sharkitecture – Everyone loves Shark Week. Landscape architects play a major role in designing some of the biggest aquariums around. Students might love to learn about “Landscape Sharkitecture.”

The Roof is Growing – Students are used to gardens on the ground – but what about on the roof? Check out “The Roof is Growing” to learn more and get ideas for how students can make their very own green roofs as an engaging classroom activity. (Recommended for grades K-6)

For college and university students, we have some big news: Past editions of Landscape Architecture Magazine are now fully digitized and available on JSTOR. For a limited time, this resource is free and open to the public.

Additional ASLA resources for teachers, member volunteers and students are available on the Tools for Teachers website.

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