April is World Landscape Architecture Month

World Landscape Architecture Month is an annual celebration of landscape architecture for the month of April. The celebration was started by the American Society of Landscape Architecture(ASLA) and often many other landscape organisations such as IFLA, AILA, NZILA, SILA and others join the celebration.

For 2023, ASLA have provided daily prompts for landscape architects as inspiration for celebrating each day of World Landscape Architecture Month along with the hashtag #WLAM2023. Below is the list of prompts:

ASLA has provided WLAM logos in 25 languages and social media tool kits for free use at https://www.asla.org/wlam2023.aspx

WLA encourages landscape architects and associated organisations to join in World Landscape Architecture Month by celebrating all aspects of landscape architecture and going beyond the polished project image such as construction images, nursery visits, fabrication visits, concept renders, detail drawings, research, shop drawings, seasonal (including winter) and more. Please take the time this April to support landscape architecture through celebrations, advocacy, education, and fun. Feel free to tag WLA on LinkedIn, instagram, pinterest or Facebook so we can share your celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month.

Cover Image Credits:
Top Left: Bonnet Springs Park – Aerial view of Welcome Center and Heritage Garden under construction (Image Credit: Bill Tinsley)

Top Middle: Bonnet Springs Park – Early sketch of the circulator (Image Credit: Anna Cawrse, Sasaki, Principal – Denver Office)

Top Right: Storyboard used in the concept development of the Oman Botanic Garden (Image Credit: Henry Jefferies, Senior Landscape Architect at Arup, London.)

Bottom Left: Vanke Hefei Plaza | ASPECT Studios (Image Credit: Wang Rui)

Bottom Middle: Brooklyn Naval Cemetery Landscape –  Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects (Image Credit:  Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects)

Bottom Right: Eda U. Gerstacker Grove – Stoss (Image Credit: Courtesy of Stoss)

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