2022 Student WLA Award Winners

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

World Landscape Architecture received entries in all categories of the 2022 WLA Student Awards and the jury has completed judging over 125 entries and finalised the shortlisting process. The quality of the student entries was high from universities such as Harvard University GSD, Cornell University, Beijing Forestry, National University of Singapore, University of Cape Town, University of California, Berkeley, Politecnico di Milano and many others.

WLA would like to thank the jury for volunteering their time and expertise in judging this year’s WLA Student Awards. The jurors provided some comments on the winners which will be published when we publish the full version in June.

Student Awards Jury

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

Fadi Masoud
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto
Director – Centre for Landscape Research

Keith VanDerSys
Co-founder of PEG office of landscape + architecture; Co-director of the Environmental Modeling Lab (EMLab)
Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Stuart Weitzman School of Design

Linda Corkery FAILA RLA ASLA (Intl)
Professor Emeritus UNSW Sydney

Marcus Carter
Founding partner of OBJECT TERRITORIES, a critical design practice based in Hong Kong and New York. Marcus teaches at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ying Zeng
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, China Academy of Art
Co-founder at LANDartitude, Hangzhou

The jury reviewed and scored all entries in each category. The Awards shortlist was determined by assessing the scores and the number of entries in each category (thus the shortlist quantity for each shortlist is not the same). Jurors recused (didn’t provide a score) themselves if they had a conflict of interest or the student was from their school/university(as determined by the WLA team). In this instance, an average score of the other jurors’ scores was used in place of the recused juror to calculate the total score. The jury chose not to award all 2022 WLA Student Awards (Award of Excellence, Merit and Honour) for each category and, there will be no further awards given.

The winners of the 2022 Student WLA Awards are as follows:

Concept – Design

Award of Excellence
Here-East Wet-lands Rehabilitation | Farinoosh Hadian Jazy, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL; Advisor: Cannon Ivers;

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

Juror comment: “Poetic idea with a gorgeous graphic sensibility. Minimal but powerful design interventions that soar with delight.”

Merit Award
E Waste Loop-Line | Yifan Chen – Central Academy of Fine Arts | Advisor: Minzhi Lin;

Honour Award
History in the Future | Xueni Hu – University of Toronto | Advisor: Peter North;

Carbon Sequestration Symbiosis | Zhuohan Zhou – Harvard University GSD | Advisors: Claire Fellman;

Concept – Analysis & Planning

Award of Excellence
Being Towards Death Landscape Tactics to Adapt to Invasive Species | Sijia Zhong – Harvard University GSD | Advisor: Gena Wirth;

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

Jury Comments: “Careful analysis and clear, evocative communication about a pest that is destroying large areas of ash forest. The innovation lies in reimagining a hybrid forest ecology; a landscape management approach which includes design interventions invites human engagement, and memorializes lost trees.” and “The presentation is well balanced between analytical information and visualization of experience in the spaces.  The envisioning this as a purposely experiential educational journey takes the project beyond mere forest management.  The question is if this is enough in the face of an invasive species that has taken hold easily and pervasively.”

Merit Award
From Conflict to Integration: Under the Brazilian rainforest a productive ground |  Ziwei Zhu – Yunnan University; Yingqi Sun – Hebei Agricultural University; Bohan Yang – Northeast Agricultural University; Jiaxuan Shao – Yanching Institute of Technology | Advisor: Menghan Zhang;

Imitating Nature | Han Xu – Huazhong Agricultural University; Xin Liu – The University of Hong Kong | Advisor: Xinqi Zhuang;

Honour Award
Time is running out of sand | Tang yanqi – National University of Singapore; Tong lulin – South China University of Technology;

Cattle Futures | Chinh Pham – Washington University in St. Louis | Studio Professor: Derek Hoeferlin


Award of Excellence
Ground Patchwork | Yuxiao Liao – Rhode Island School of Design | Advisor: Emily Vogler;

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

Jury Comments: “The physical models are great to see in a time when everything is produced on the computer in design.  The woven kit-of-parts textiles appear to be of natural materials that can naturally degrade but it is not explicitly stated from what they are made.” and “Nice material-driven approach to adaptive management solutions.”

Merit Award
Establishing a Carbon Bank | Hoi Ying Grace Lam – Cornell University | Advisor: Jamie Vanucchi;

Honour Award
How cities in Mekong Delta adapt to climate changes | Wen Shiyun –  East China Normal University | Advisors: Jiao Jian;

Graduate Award

Award of Excellence
Rewilding Coasts A Project Drawdown | Ekta Rakholiya – National University of Singapore | Advisor: Lyn Liu and Ryan Shubin

2022 Student WLA Award Winners

Jury Comments: “The proposal envisions an implementable strategy that could be applied to urban waterfront expanses in place of hard sea edges while creating places for people to experience nature.  Rising sea levels, erosion, wildlife, human experience, and carbon storage are all considered in this proposal.  The work is at a manageable scale that allows visioning of occupation, though it could be deployed at greater expanses as needed.” and “While this presentation is less reliant on elaborate graphics than other finalists, the depth of understanding about this coastline and clear proposals for a genuine landscape and place-based proposal lifts its impact and applicability. Also, appreciate the idea of Singapore letting its coastline be “rewilded” where most of the landscapes throughout the island are so carefully managed.”

Merit Award
Landscape on the Ring: Enhance the Sustainability of Milan Food Chain through the Replanning of Agro-landscape System around City Boundary | Wanyu Liang, Shuai Pan – Politecnico di Milano | Advisor: prof. Massimo Mobiglia

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 WLA Student Awards. We thank all entrants for your entries and wish you luck in your studies.

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