2016 Triumph Pavilion unveiled at the Museum Gardens in London


The eagerly anticipated 2016 Triumph Pavilion at the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London, next to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum of Childhood has now opened to the public with great applause. The Triumph Pavilion project is an annual showcase and on the whole a unique and exciting celebration of architecture and design. It encourages architectural experimentation and exploration including form, function and material. The Pavilion is also part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture.




Designed by Five Line Projects a talented, dynamic young practice based in London who happens to be the youngest practice to win and be selected to design the Triumph Pavilion.
The theme for this year’s Triumph Pavilion was energy, hence the title “Energy Pavilion” with community being the focus of the winning concept.


The brief called for the provision of an inspirational and engaging structure or space based on the theme of “energy” where visiting architects, designers, families and the general public can stand, walk-through or seat around to admire and engage with each other to enjoy and share discussions about design or simply relax within the unique setting and space created by the Pavilion.


Five Line Projects clever and enchanting architectural design addresses the difficulty of a comprehensive definition of energy because of its many forms with an interpretation that very much takes the site into context, is inclusive, interactive and accessible. The Pavilion as a self-supporting structure measures approximately 2.75m in height and 64m² in area, constructed out of bamboo, stainless steel rods, timber and polished aluminium. Supported by solid steel brackets, structured steel ground anchors with carbon
steel heads, the entire structure weighs approximately 9,000 kg (9 tonnes). The Pavilion is to be enjoyed by both visitors to the Museum Gardens as well as those to the V&A Museum of Childhood with views afforded by the great south windows.





Triumph Pavilion 2016

Project Theme | Energy
Title | Energy Pavilion (Pinwheel)
Materials | Bamboo, Steel, Aluminium and Timber
Sponsors | ArchTriumph

Structural Engineering | ARUP, London, UK
Project Coordination & Management | ArchTriumph, London, UK

Design Team
Five Line Projects, London, UK
Lead: Zhiyun He
Principle: Laura Virto
Nicola Vendramin
Micaela Nardella
SpiraFix, Newport, UK

Cutting | Fabrication | Assembly | Installation
Platform: Timber Concept GmbH, GERMANY
Pinwheel Mills: Zhejiang Weilaoda, CHINA
Rods: OT-Wuxi Zhonghegang Metal, HONG KONG
Assembly: The Concept Space, UK
Installation Contractors: MDM Props, UK

Images | Sergio Grazia and Luc Boegly

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