World examples of Green Urbanism

March 23, 2011,AEST

Geoff Ghitter & Noel Keough at Fast Forward Weekly reporting on how ‘modern urban life — at least, the technology that makes it all possible — has made a stranger of nature’ The problem is that our flick-and-flush existence conceals | Read More

Transit driven urban development

March 21, 2011,AEST

Streetsblog asks the question Can Transit Expansion Produce Sprawl Like Highways Do? looks at the proposed Silver line in Washington DC and speaks to some experts about the possible sprawl, development of semi-urban enclaves around transit and the difference with | Read More

Study of plants shows urban flora changes

March 21, 2011,AEST reports U.S. scientists say a study of 70-year-old dried plant specimens from Indianapolis reveals the impact of increasing urbanization on plant diversity. Butler University researchers examined 2,800 dried plants collected around the city before 1940 and compared them with | Read More

Using sheep for traffic calming in Switzerland

March 20, 2011,AEST

Traffic calming is often boring and uninspiring use of speed humps, table tops, islands, circles, rumble strips. Recently Christophe Machet was commissioned by the Municipality of Gland in Switzerland and created a flock of reflective sheep getting lost in the | Read More

Developers breaking ground on Sustainable Communities in UK

March 20, 2011,AEST

Green dream lives on: A savvy breed of developers are breaking ground on sustainable communities in the Independent newspaper There are about 10 communities around the country, loosely following principles known in the construction industry as New Urbanism……… No one | Read More

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