Transform Detroit’s Midtown Viaducts

February 21, 2014,AEDT

Midtown Detroit, Inc. (MDI) in partnership with the New Economy Initiative (NEI) is seeking proposals to transform the undersides of two viaducts located in Midtown Detroit’s TechTown district with public art and light. MDI is pleased to announce that its Call for Entries is now open. However, there is one proviso – the call | Read More

Extreme Urban Makeover: Detroit

March 18, 2010,AEDT

DAVID WHITFORD at TIME magazine reports on the appointment of star urban planner named Toni Griffin who is soon set to start her new assignment of Detroit’s downsizing and urban makeover. However, I don’t think this will be a one week project filmed for a one hour special on TLC | Read More

Could Detroit become the City of Urban Agriculture?

November 11, 2009,AEDT

View Larger Map The idea of returning Detroit to farm land is an interesting idea that was recently covered in New Geography(DETROIT: URBAN LABORATORY AND THE NEW AMERICAN FRONTIER, Nov. 4) and New York Times(Plowing Detroit Into Farmland blog post Nov. 9 based on New Geography article). The New Geography article | Read More

TIME: Detroit: The Death and Possible Life of a Great City.

October 7, 2009,AEDT

Time magazine has run the cover story Detroit: The Death — and Possible Life — of a Great City. Detroit has to shrink its footprint, even if it means condemning decent houses in the gap-toothed areas and moving their occupants to compact neighborhoods where they might find a modicum of | Read More

Urban Farms, a Growing Trend – Digital City

April 3, 2009,AEDT

Digital City reports “A recent chapter in urban gardening starts in Detroit, Mich. with Hantz Farms whose plan is to be the world’s largest urban farm.The first part of the plan seeks to utilize vacant land and abandoned properties in Detroit’s lower east side, adding up to over 70 acres.” | Read More