2015 has seen a diverse range of landscape architecture projects published on World Landscape Architecture, with this edition we take an opportunity to highlight the best projects from 2015.The quality of submissions has increased this year, more variety, with higher design quality, wider range of photos, and more in-depth writing from designers.

Selecting the projects to be included in this 2015 Annual was a hard task with a large number of  high quality projects published on World Landscape Architecture this year, it was decided to publish over 50 projects featuring the best projects from across the year.

I hope you enjoying reading this 2015 Annual edition and I look forward to receiving your submissions for WLA Magazine and World Landscape Architecture in 2016.

You can purchase your copy of WLA 2015 ANNUAL (pdf) for $USD3.99 or subscribe for $USD20/year 

WLA 22 


The latest edition of WLA Magazine – WLA 22 is an unthemed edition including amazing projects from across the world. This 84-paged unthemed edition showcases a diverse range of 18 projects from the USA, Denmark, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Iceland, Germany, Scotland, Belgium by renowned landscape architecture firms including Gustafson Porter,Thomas Balsley Associates / Weiss/Manfredi, AECOM, ONG&ONG Group, ASPECT Studios, C.F. Moller Landscape, Hansen Partnership, ENEA Landscape Architecture and many more.

WLA 22 is available now for $USD 3.99 or by annual subscription for $USD20.

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