Las Violetas Garden | Huelva, Spain | Juan José Fernández Acosta


“Las Violetas” Garden was designed in 2013 in the Costa de la Luz region of Huelva, Spain. The garden is 1100 m2 and originally was mainly lawn and trees in poor condition. The concept for the gardens was to create “Las Violetas” garden is a more sustainable garden, saving up to 60% of water consumption, and reducing both inorganic fertilizers and pesticides contents in to respect the environment.

No less important is the aesthetical value of the Garden; At this stage I decided to highlight a deeply arabesque character of Las Violetas Garden, where the enclosure dominates the garden with decorative detailed walls; and once inside, the geometrical design creates a peaceful and garden for quiet relaxation.

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Open Hearth Park at the Former Sydney Tar Ponds

For nearly a century, the shores along Sydney Harbor bordered one of North America’s largest steel mills and coke ovens, making the steel industry an integral part of the region’s economy and culture. But when the plants closed in 2001, they left tons of industrial waste behind, creating a deep wound that divided three neighborhoods from their waterfront and from each other for nearly 13 years. With the community’s strong economic and emotional ties to the site, the landscape architects led a design effort that closed the divide, healed the environmental scar and boosted the community’s reputation and pride.

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Arcadia House | Phoenix, Arizona | Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture


Photograpy Credit | Matt Winquist

Arcadia, at the foot of Camelback Mountain, has long been a desirable neighborhood for its views, its central location, and the pastoral quality of its large green lots interspersed with citrus groves. The neighborhood has undergone many negative changes in the last decade due to the loss of historic homes and green spaces; hence, its community character has suffered. This one-acre site features a home and landscape renovation that ventured to honor the historic essence of Arcadia that has made the neighborhood so unique and livable for several decades. The landscape architect, in collaboration with the client, developed the project’s concept, design and details for both the hardscape and landscape.

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Three parks come together in The International Park

LOLA international park the hague 03 impression haringkade

Impression of the new bridges at the Haringkade

The Municipality of The Hague presented the vision for The International Park which will connect three existing parks – the Scheveningse Bosjes, the Waterpartij and the Westbroekpark – into one improved city park that rivals London’s Hyde Park in size.

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Lowline Lab opens to the public

In October 2015 the Lowline Lab (“The Lab”) opened to the public, acting as a proof of concept for the Lowline—an innovative underground park that will transport daylight into the depths of a historic trolley station.

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Pérez Art Museum Miami | Miami, Florida | ArquitectonicaGEO


Where the PAMM building itself has been designed to express the raw material of concrete in its many forms, native plants have been chosen to display the raw materials of our landscape as complement and contrast to the geometric architecture of the building. Native trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines spring from the ground plane in a vibrant counterpoint to more formal, hanging vertical green elements. In addition to the lush pan-tropical vegetation of South Florida, landscape materiality is deconstructed to exhibit the Earth’s most basic forms, including gravel in paths, the parking garage, and in the urban concrete environment.

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The Flower Garden Park | Ruichang, China | Chris Blandford Associates


The Conceptual Landscape Masterplan is the first stage for the 80 hectare Flower Garden Park and new national tourist destination in Jiangxi province, China. It forms an integral part of a wider initiative for the new mixed use development of Flower Ocean and is planned to improve the recreation opportunities and health and wellbeing for the people of Ruichang. The significance and symbolism of flowers in Chinese culture underlies the vision and design for the park. Stunning year round ‘oceans of flowers’ will delight, engage and educate the 3 million visitors who will visit the park, and complement the hills and forests that are the natural setting for the city. A number of key principles underlie the plan.

“…the masterplan for the Park is a synthesis of many layers of design and information… at its core lies a journey for visitors during which they can choose to experience the spectacular views of the flower landscapes and theme gardens, an exploration of wetland ecology, a live show or performance, children’s learning and play, or a step back in time to appreciate traditions of classical gardens…something for everyone.”

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