Jeddah North Corniche & Faisal Bin Fahd Street Development

The North Corniche project has Jeddah reclaiming its Red Sea waterfront with ambitious landscapes that relate to the fabric of Jeddah’s community and the natural environment.

KLA Landscape Architects designed one of the Middle East’s largest recreational projects: The Jeddah North Corniche. This project stretches 12 km in length from Tahlyah Street in the South to Fatima Al Zahra, the Floating Mosque.


Faisal Bin Fahd Street is a 7.5 km long street runs parallel to the Corniche and will be linked via pedestrian bridge through Al Nawras roundabout and reaches the Giant Wheel.

This street will be refurbished following international standards, and act as an open air museum filled with art features. Its green corridor allows for the creation of an urban park fully equipped with seating furniture, playground equipment and a 5 meter promenade that meanders through and around the art features.
The whole project is about 2.5 Million m2 and has the Corniche designed in 7 phases, with an 8th phase dedicated to Faisal Bin Fahd Street. The first phase of the Corniche, also the narrowest part of this project, opened 2012.

Other waterfront development projects by KLA: Yanbu Al Sinaiyah, a 14km coast line, includes 4 islands, 5.5 Million m². Coastal Park in Yanbu, 30,000 m², North Beach in Jubail, a 2.5 km parkscape, 300,000 m2

Environmental and Socio-economic Benefits
An overall improved cultural and socio-economic environment was one of the main driving factors when reviewing the master plan. As a result, a substantial amount of new investment opportunities are presented in the new North Corniche design. Recreational activities were born through the creation of a promenade, Vita Parcour and small trails as well as green spaces for passive contemplation, active play and recreation areas.


Branding and Signage
The Branding and Logo for the Corniche were designed uniquely and are intended to strengthen the identity of the destination for both the people of Jeddah and for local and foreign visitors. The simplicity of formation and the power of the design idea were factors taken into consideration when developing the logo. The final product is easy to remember and conveys a clear message, going beyond the monotonous ideas and stereotypes.


Elements within the North Corniche
Landscapes of this size play a large role in defining cities, and a waterfront as big as the North Corniche continues to play a central role in the open space system of Jeddah. KLA’s vision of the project is to create a Corniche that acts as an integral part of the urban fabric of Jeddah, supporting the city’s social, cultural and economic drives. The beauty in this design is recognized by individual details that fit together to create a final result that is harmonious and holistic.

A unique character of the Jeddah North Corniche is the large park like spaces between the road and the promenade with many different elements. The goal of this project is to create a public space network that is open, balanced and well defined. Special characters for each different space define the function. Some of the elements found within the Jeddah North Corniche development include:

  • 12km long and 10 m wide uninterrupted promenade
  • Jeddah’s Giant Wheel and cable car stations
  • Large plazas hosting shops, restaurants and leisure buildings
  • An open-air museum and a festival area with an open-air amphitheater
  • Custom designed water features, with a monumental water fountain in the Northern Entrance of the Corniche
  • Custom fit shade structures
  • Public toilets and immersible waste containers
  • Sandy beaches with watch towers
  • Marina with island
  • Fishing pier and water taxi stops

Planting strategy
A first-class sustainable plant selection, especially palms and trees, will succeed, beside the signage itself, as a visitor guiding system. Palms line the promenade, and flourishing trees are found on both sides of the Vita-Parcour providing much needed shade. Plants for the lush greenery zones have been chosen according to their sustainable adaptability to the harsh site conditions which are defined by the sea side proximity constraints as strong winds, saline soil conditions and others. Plants selected within the playgrounds are non-poisonous plants that provide a large surface area of shade.


Lighting Strategy
In general, lighting within the site was placed in a way that enhances and transforms exterior landscapes, highlights trees, shrubs and walkways, and add an extra sense of security especially around the parking lots. Each zone in the site has a special characteristic and this was complemented by the lightings, for example, areas with higher activity, dramatic theatrical lights were proposed to suit the movement and sounds. In areas meant for lounging and relaxation, warm lights were utilized. Bridges, viewpoints, water fountains and art features are marked and signified so that they can be located from a distance. The continuous flow of lights along the promenade creates a visual reference, while the playgrounds and green spaces are lit with a colorful and playful spirit.


Play Strategy
Playgrounds were designed in a way that encourages activity and the natural desire to keep moving. Development skills are simulated by the provision of opportunities to explore, discover and imagine. A variety of play, and play parks designed specifically for certain age groups help children experience a variety of play options. Rubberized, slip-proof, shock absorbent and non-toxic floors are used in the playgrounds for added safety measures. Exercise stations have been spread along a “Vita-Parcour” providing adults with a free-of-charge natural and outdoor gym.

Paving Strategy
High quality locally found Granite paving was the choice of material for the Jeddah North Corniche. Colors ranged from dark grey to light grey, greens, browns and beige, as well as different hues of red and pink. Dark grey granite was used for paving all along the 

sidewalks, even the ones along the Faisal-Bin-Fahd-Street of the project. The promenade was paved with light grey granite, and each plaza got a special custom designed treatment, to best fit the design intention of the plazas. Artificial wood planks were used in the piers, colored asphalt in the Vita-Parcour and colored rubberized paving in play areas.


The overall goal of this project is to create a space in which there is a shared community vision for the waterfront and an increased sense of responsibility. Multiple new destinations will be born within the waterfront, and the connectivity between one another drastically improved. Public access will be optimized and access to the waterfront lands will be improved as well as new linkages developed, connecting the people to waterfront lands and waters that are not currently accessible

Jeddah North Corniche & Faisal Bin Fahd Street Development

Location | Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Client | Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Municipality Jeddah
Design firm | Dietmar Kamphans, KLA Kamphans LandscapeArchitecture GmbH
Visualisation |Christian Vogel
Branding | Anke Kamphans
Infrastructure | Saudi Consulting Services
Marina Consultant | Sellhorn Engineering
Construction | Phases 1 to 3 in 2012 by Rabiya , Phases 4 to 8 in progress

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