Sun Boulevard | Leninskiye Gorki, Russia | FORM bureau

Proposal for the landscaping of a residential development just outside of Moscow aimed to capitalize on the stronger aspects of the urban plan while offsetting its weaknesses. The narrow footpaths and dense network of roads were transformed into lush flowering promenades, the sense of place and community was enhanced by diversifying environments, green areas with social functions were created at the centre of the development.

The grid of houses is traversed by a wide promenade, which becomes the central pedestrian thoroughfare through the area. The paving pattern changes along this route, interrupted by squares and flowerbeds, recreational areas and playgrounds. Changing patterns in the paving break up the plan into distinguishable zones, becoming a system of navigation.

While the typological plan and repetitive architecture diminish individual identity, the landscaping offers future home owners the choice of living next to a quiet green alley, or have views onto an aromatic pine forest. Thus each house is distinguished its own landscaping and pathway pattern.

Sun Boulevard

Design Firm | FORM bureau
Landscape architecture | Vera Odyn, Olga Treiwas, Julia Semkova, Polina Dudkina, Denis Agafonov, Vlada Zagainova, Elena Kornilova, Maria Serova, Polina Litvinenko
Client | RDI
Area | 15,6 hectares
Year | 2016

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