2020 | Most Read Projects

We have looked back over the year to find the following projects the most read of 2020. A mixture and variety of projects that showcases the diverse nature of the landscape architecture profession.

Thammasat University – the largest urban rooftop farm in Asia
LANDPROCESS’ project combines the elements of ‘architecture’ and ‘landscape architecture’ so seamlessly that it is almost impossible to categorize what type of work it actually is. The form of the building is developed from the H-shaped floor plan, rendering the elevation that resembles a large mountain with a massive green space of garden covering upper part.

Image Credit: WyrdTree

Re-imagining the Garden City | C.F. Møller Architects
Ideas competition for a 45ha masterplan, based on a re-imagination of the principles behind the Garden City Movement, emphasising a sustainable and caring community. The masterplan is focused on a modern interpretation of the ‘Hamlet’ and is developed from the inside out, from the scale of a dwelling up to a village or hamlet.

Image Credit: Brett Boardman

Darling Square – a public space for all
ASPECT Studios design for Darling Square offers green spaces for all, as an ever-changing civic space where daily life and spectacle collide. The contextual design offers a thriving and inviting multi-use urban space for all ages, treasured by residents, workers and visitors.

Feng River Park seeks to be a catalyst for rich environmental and cultural remediation by GVL Gossamer
Feng River Park is an 880,000sqm stretch of remediated public parkland along the western bank of the Feng River, Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, central China. Located at the origin of the Silk Road, Xi’an , is one of China’s four ancient capitals and continues to play a pivotal role in the nation’s growth.

ASPECT Studios completes the first stage of The HyperLane
ASPECT Studios have completed the first phase of the HyperLane development in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. A 2.4km multi-level linear sky park, the HyperLane is a youth culture and lifestyle destination at the heart of the city’s music and arts university district. 

Cycling through the Trees | Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium | BuroLandschap
This cycle bridge which has a length of nearly 700 metres, takes you into higher realms. You can cycle or walk through different decors every season, discover the sounds and scents of the Pijnven whilst climbing to a height of 10 metres above the ground.

Photography | © Barrett Doherty

The Hudson Yards Public Square and Gardens were envisioned as a contemporary plaza
Designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects (NBW), the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards brings vibrancy to the heart of the largest private development in American history. A stunning technological achievement that supports a healthy ecosystem on the roof of a working train yard, the recently inaugurated six-acre Square hosts world-class events and art exhibitions, while providing an outdoor gathering place for the transformed neighborhood and its expected 24 million annual visitors. 

Symphony Forest Park | Urbscapes
The park is now open to the people of the city and visited widely by the nearby residents, corporate staff, school groups, nature lovers, photographers, and by everyone who wishes to indulge in nature.

ZoHo – Rotterdam’s creative district is bound to set new standards for urban living and working
The winning project of the ZoHo tender in Rotterdam’s creative district is bound to set new standards for urban living and working. It is designed to be a strong socially inclusive neighborhood.

These are the most read projects published in 2020. To submit your project for publication go to Submit Project and you may see your project in the most read projects 2021.