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The care facility Vierstroom has asked HOSPER to make a design for the public and private outdoor spaces of the Vivaldi care home in Zoetermeer. The area is surrounded by water with flowering wet vegetation and trees on three sides. This increases the size of the area visually and at the same time has an important ecological function.



The building, designed by SEED Architects, has a two-sided comb structure with gardens in-between the teeth of the comb. A continuous route is made possible by connecting the different gardens. The gardens either function as a place to stay or just as a scenic element and are designed and equipped in such a way that there is always a mix between green sheltered areas and more open sunny places with, for example, a terrace. Widening and broadening of pathways ensures that the area is well adjusted to residents with disabilities. This also creates informal places to stay. The plantation plan has been made in close cooperation with Jacqueline van der Kloet, garden design and planting advise.

entrance area
The front of the building is planted with grass and large trees, thus creating a beautiful park-like atmosphere. The square at the entrance has been programmed with seating furniture, bicycle stands and a kiss & ride facility. The entrance area is connected to a garden with a café/restaurant and terrace. A red pond with water plantation and fishes, together with a series of playground elements, adds to the liveliness of this area.


water garden
At the head of the plan, in line with the central axis, lies the water garden. This garden consists of a higher garden on ground-level and a lower garden, accessible by ramp, close to the water-level. A boardwalk in-between the wet swamp-like vegetation makes it possible for residents to experience the water even if they are physically disabled. A fountain ensures the connection between the building, the garden and the surrounding water.



activity gardens
For activities such as gardening HOSPER designed a kitchen garden/ flower picking garden with the possibility to add a greenhouse. This garden is connected to the daycare facility, the library and the central corridor. There are flower and vegetable beds, one of which is constructed on a higher level so that it can be reached by residents in a wheelchair. The patio adjacent to the physical therapy room is designed as a practice garden and equipped with fitness equipment and different types of paving to practice, for example, walking with a walking aid.




Zoetermeer Vivaldi Care Home | Zoetermeer, The Netherlands | HOSPER

Landscape Architecture Firm | HOSPER

designers | Hilke Floris, Petrouschka Thumann, Elizabeth Keller

partners | Jacqueline van der Kloet, SEED architects

client | Vierstroom Zorgring

year of design
2009 – 2010

year of completion

Photography Credit | HOSPER

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