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The factory is adjacent to the Qiantang River, between the large-scale natural river and the rural culture behind. Facing the boring and mechanical industrial production scene imported from the west, the designers try to respond to the impact of the contemporary industrial civilization on the traditional agricultural civilization with a more local narrative context of the traditional settlement landscape and the integration of innovative materials.

The design concept is to reconstruct landscape painting and convey the spirit of landscape with simple and abstract form. Designers use innovative materials to deduce landscape elements in a “typed” way, and restore the mood of feeling, interest and spirit in the central courtyard enclosed by the factory volume.

While simple contemporary industrial materials (U glass, weathering steel plate, white corrugated steel plate) are selected for the building, landscape materials continue the low-cost strategy, mainly prefabricated concrete and weather resistant steel plate. The sunken trestle bridge runs continuously on the site, echoing the plank road on the roof. Meanwhile, there are also rich linear experiences: shore watching, mountain climbing, cliff walking, bridge crossing and water viewing.

On the shore, different specifications of prefabricated concrete geometric blocks stack together, such as 300 × 300 mm, 200 × 600 mm, 100 × 100 mm and above, provide workers with rest places, and naturally transition to the pool and ground pavement.

For the plants, the designers select simple arbors to stand on the bank, mainly Celtis sinensis Persoon and Zelkova schneideriana. And the natural growth of Miscanthus Sinensis interspersed in layers of laminated stones, soften the block stones with clear edges and corners. The concise and abstract landscape makes the factory much more active. The sense of the times and the nature blend here with the modern “light industrial style”.

The whole park presents a totally different look from the former industrial park. The design breaks the conventional array factory building practice, and deduces the natural village scene located in the mountains. After the project was released, it received the attention and recognition from all walks of life, and also provided a new sample for the design of modern factories.

Zhejiang Perfect Production Factory Landscape Design

Location: Jianshan New District, Haining, Zhejiang, China

Project Credits

Design Firm : gad · line+ studio

Design Team
Chief Architect: Peidong Zhu
Lead Designer: Shangyang Li
Landscape Designer: Jianbo Jin, Chenjuan Su, Xiaomei Chi, Xiaorong Chen

Client: Zhejiang Perfect Automobile Technology CO., LTD

Photography credits: Arch-Exist Photography, Jianzhi-Arch Photography

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