Yuyan | Beijing, China | Beijing Sunshine Landscape 顺景园林

The project is located in the core area of the main city of pomegranate village, Nanyuan town, Fengtai district. It is the last low-density villa project in downtown. The landscape design of this project reinterprets the traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion elements in the four-dimensional space. Look the traditional culture as the starting point, integrates the modern design language, injects the refined and beautiful Chinese classical sentiment into the modern space, and creates landscape atmosphere that full of story culture with the aesthetic needs of modern people.

Design depends on Chinese traditional culture as the accumulation, the Qianlong garden as the storyline, inheritance of classical garden yard layout and spatial characteristics, draw lessons from its unique landscape elements, combined with modern design technique, Gardens for a hall with high ceiling elegant temperament, build a high-end elegant courtyard landscape atmosphere, space structure layer.

Landscape Architect of Record/Firm (if applicable)
Beijing Sunshine Landscape CO. LTD:Hua Yang、Ning Sun、 Chengzheng Yan、Jie Liu、Chaoyi Han

Client/Owner (if applicable)
Luneng Group CO. LTD

Photography | Yi Lin

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