Wulin Palace Apartments | Hangzhou China | Integrated Planning and Design

Hangzhou is an economy-driven city that is famed for its natural beauty.  The design team felt that this uncommon combination of civic ambitions was an informal call to action that asked the designers to provide a balanced set of programs for the residents.  The apartments at Wulin Palace provide a resort-residential lifestyle within the city of Hangzhou.

The project task was to build a comforting, familiar home environment that is also rich in social opportunities.  The site is developed in two parts, consisting of a central courtyard and an exterior perimeter.  Large pools and decks provide meeting places in the center of the courtyard.  Each building entrance from the courtyard has a unique garden style to establish the personal connection to home that will comfort each resident.

The exterior perimeter widens where there are storefronts to bring residents and activity to the outer edge of the site.  Large masses of bermed planting with integrated seating offer protection and comfort from the nearby roads, but allow bike passage on the street and spacious walkways along the storefronts.

Wulin Palace Apartments | Hangzhou China | Integrated Planning and Design         

Landscape Architect | Integrated Planning and Design Inc.

Design Year | 2009

Construction Completed | 2012


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