World Table | University of Nevada – Las Vegas Downtown Design Center

Our design will contribute to the art of the garden by celebrating the idea of a World Table. This  becomes a place where people are drawn together — some by choice, others by chance. The inviting nature of the table and its setting delight the senses. This experience is meant for visitors to let their guard down and provoke an interaction with those gathered around the table for serendipitous encounters, or formal, planned events.  This project may be constructed for less than $5000 at garden festivals, for parklets, or other events.
We wish to promote sensory delight and interaction within the garden. Our design contains a ‘World Table’ surrounded by plants of different colors, textures and scents. A repeating design of the world is laser cut and etched into birch plywood panels that make up the tabletop. The continents in this map are planted with herbs; plantings reflect agricultural regions and origins of plants; teaching people how food spans distance and cultures. The table is set up ‘family style’ to promote interaction. The design may be read as one large table for celebration or parties, or as smaller ‘rooms’ between the continents where people can take a break and eat or relax.
World Table | University of Nevada – Las Vegas Downtown Design Center
Year  | 2012
Ken McCown, Director, UNLV Downtown Design Center
Esther Garcia, Graduate Assistant, UNLV Downtown Design Center

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