World Landscape Architecture welcomes KI Studio as a partner for 2016

Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge by KI Studio in cooperation with Arup consultant engineers, for UrbanGrowth, Sydney, Australia. | Image Credit – Virtual Ideas

World Landscape Architecture is happy to announce that KI Studio has joined World Landscape Architecture as a partner for 2016. We are thankful for their support and enjoy welcoming new partners who assist us to continue publishing great landscape architecture projects and news from across the world.

KI Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio which practices integrated Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning in Australia and overseas. Their broad interdisciplinary focus on a variety of urban, landscape, and architectural projects with a strong focus on the cultural and natural environment, allows KI Studio to draw from a widespread expertise and experience to deliver uniquely integrated solutions to complex planning projects, facilitating a vision to be created that engages people.

A key focus in the resolution of projects is the identification of a site specific response and synthesis of the design elements to deliver innovative and distinct solutions that respect the uniqueness of the site, are environmentally responsible and that reinforce the sense of place and identity.

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