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The Landscape design for Vincom Landmark 81 Tower aims to deliver a dynamic, contextual and well integrated public realm that addresses sustainable design challenges at various interfaces of the project and complements the iconic architecture.

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Working seamlessly with architects and engineers, the landscape team ensured a symbiosis of natural and built elements that results in a successful design approach for plaza’s and podium areas.

Undoubtedly, the project’s public realm will become the focus for the urban community of HCMC and we’ve therefore provided a strong narrative that combines client’s brief with the programs that are expected from the diverse users of the space.

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A contemporary and integrated landscape design language is utilised which provides a distinct visual character and remains responsive to the various social and commercial needs of the development.

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The Public Realm around the tower accommodates a range of spaces for residents, shoppers and arriving hotel guests. Various interactive water features will catch the attention and provide a sense of place. The lush and random layout of trees in combination with the sound of water, will create a pleasant and calm atmosphere within downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

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Large canopy trees provide abundant shading during warm and sunny days while they also provide an intimate atmosphere and reinforce the identity of the open space.
A contemporary and integrated landscape design is extended to all levels of the development and remains responsive to the various social and commercial needs of the development.

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Outdoor lounges are provided on the podium landscape and compliment to the various hotel facilities such as outdoor pools and bar area.

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The VIP residential units have an exclusive outdoor terrace with infinity pool which is seamlessly integrated with the architecture language of the building.
The overall landscape program provides a diverse range of spaces and facilities, complementing the architectural form and gives the development a distinct identity.

In addition, Atkins’ landscape scope has been extended beyond the Landmark Tower plot to include the design for the adjacent residential towers and associated streetscape. The residential landscape design includes amenities such as children pool, lap pool and sun deck areas.
Christian Dierckxsens, Senior Associate Director, Atkins Landscape in Asia

The Hong Kong based landscape team has also been invited to extend their scope into the supervision of the construction works to ensure a successful compliance of the design.

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Vincom Landmark 81 Tower – Landscape Design
Location | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Project Type | Mixed Use
Scale | 36,000 sqm
Status | Under Construction
Client | Vincom

Image & Text Credits | Atkins (Hong Kong)

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