VIDEO | Creating an Urban Oasis: Student Ideas Competition for the Tejgaon Airport Site

A student team from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET) recently posted a video of their entry for the Student Ideas Competition for the Tejgaon Airport Site organised by the BUET Alumni. The video shows a great technique for design charettes; utilising one sheet of large format paper to brainstorm issues, ideas, and create small vignettes depicting the main ideas and principles.

The competition challenged multidisciplinary student teams to develop planning and design proposals for the 415 acre site of Tejgaon old airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The primary goal of the participants is to develop proposals for the Tejgaon Old Airport site to transform the existing under-utilized site into an urban public space for city dwellers.

Our idea was to create an icon for the city to dream big, aspire for a better future.

We have got iconic monuments of cultural and political history. But the history of this deltaic landscape has been brutally erased from this city. In order to dream for a green sustainable future we need an ecological icon. This icon will be no vertical monument, rather a horizontal stretch of water, marshland and forest depicting the memory of the ecological and agricultural landscape of this deltaic city. The roadside periphery of the site will provide intimate public gathering space, pedestrian and bicycle pathway and overhead causeway to observe the nature within. Through biological conservation we are idolizing our dream of a greener future.

Team |
Enam Rabbi Adnan,
Mumtaheena Rifat,
Tazrin Islam,
Shakib Ahmed Lam,
Sara Ahmed;
Dept. of Architecture, BUET.
Jamal Uddin Khan;
Dept. of CE, BUET.
Jyoti Bikas Das;
Dept. of URP, BUET.

Video Posted by Mumtaheena Rifat

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