VIDEO | Coastal Work starts on Katwijk in the Netherlands | OKRA

OKRA recently published a short video showing the construction work on the coast defence at Katwijk in the Netherlands. Alongside building the required coastal defence, the coast zone investments ensure that Katwijk remains a tourist destination and supporting the local economy of seaside towns. With the need to strengthen the Katwijk coast, care is taken to preserve the value of the existing town and, ultimately, how this can also be made stronger.

The work by OKRA shows how seaside towns can be protected with natural-looking dunescapes. In the future, we will see more projects like this along coastlines across the world as landscape architects assist communities in abating the effects of climate change.

Coastal Work Katwijk
Area | 20 hectare
Design | OKRA landschapsarchitecten, In collaboration with Arcadis
Client | Municipality Katwijk, The Waterboard of Rhineland
Movie produced by | Paul de Vreugd, PDV Media

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