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The project “Working with Nature” proposes an architectonically robust overall approach to the area surrounding Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg West which gathers public recreational facilities and accessibility in a new type of space in Aalborg. Urbanity and landscape are synthesized in a site-specific, coastal city space that operates with Danish coastal landscape typologies: the lagoon, the salt marsh, the tongue, and the forest are “Working with Nature”.



The project consists of a master plan for the entire leisure landscape of Vestre Fjordpark and outlines proposals for the buildings, which will house associations: winter bathing club, diving club and kayak and nature school, as well as a future Center of Limfjord. Located on the tongue between the lagoon and Limfjord, the open-air houses convey the two types of water landscapes – the calm lagoon and the wild Limfjord – and make them available through an architectural concept where several union buildings are connected by a public promenade and a continuous roof landscape which creates small microclimates for all different user groups.



“Working with Nature” is highlighted by the jury for its robust and flexible overall approach which integrates the existing elements of the landscape, as well as the project’s many deliberations on activity possibilities, both above and under water. The project is also characterized by a strong focus on the many user groups that will benefit from the future area and the new union facilities.



Vestre Fjordpark | Aalborg Denmark
Lead Consultant | LIW planning
Client | Aalborg Municipality

Collaborators | Force4, DHI / Karsten Mangor, Coast technique/coast planning Peter M. Nielsen, Danish Canoe- and Kayak Union (DKF), v. Karsten Elmose Vad, Lars Holm Dissemination Designer, Undervandsitetet v. free diver Morten Rosenvold Villadsen

Image & Text Credits |  LIW planning

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