URS China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 LINGYUN LANE

URS China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 LINGYUN LANE is open to art institutes, design and digital media institutes and universities across the world, where the installation will be placed in an urban renewal project “Lingyun Lane” in Xuhui District, Shanghai, China.

The competition is jointly launched by URS China (an operation platform of urban renewal and development in China) and Young Bird Plan (an international design competition brand), which calls for submissions of interactive public art installation designed for the project of Lingyun Lane through the participation of professionals and enthusiasts in the arts, design and digital media circles, so as to make the project more artistic, interesting and interactive. Besides, the possibility of urban renewal project activation shall be also further explored and discussed.


竞赛由城市更新开发运营平台品域中国及国际设计竞赛品牌Young Bird Plan联合发起,本次竞赛旨在通过广大艺术、设计、数字新媒体等相关领域内专业人士、爱好者的参与,在品域·凌云里项目中设计交互公共艺术装置,增加该项目的艺术性、趣味性和互动性,探讨城市更新项目激活的可能性。


2020/01/21 Call for entries
2020/04/14 Submission deadline
2020/04/14 Registration deadline
2020/04/27 Release of shortlisted winners
2020/05/08 Release of Top 30
2020/06/11 Release of Top 3 and the Champion

More information at https://www.designverse.com.cn/competition/youngbirdplan/urs-china-interactive-public-art-installation-design-competition-2020-lingyun-lane

World Landscape Architecture is not involved or endorse the competition or organisers. If you have questions about the competition please contact the organisers directly through the competition website.