Urban Lounge | Saint-Etienne France | AWP

Our thinking about the design was based on the idea of the “urban lounge”. Having looked at a variety of living rooms, we have chosen to simplify the urban lounge to four basic elements.

Order: perspective, emphasized by the pattern and repetition of elements (furniture, curtains …)

Textiles: carpets and curtains

Lighting: lamps, sconces and mirrors: a luminous atmosphere that unfolds the space

Furniture: a range of furniture styles that serve one purpose, to allow people to gather:
loveseats, chairs, chairs …

Thus, we created a sequence of four thematic areas with different qualities of soil (for example, a ceremonial carpet), but located in an open space without obstructing the view. The identities of this sequence are strongly characterized by the unity of the furniture, or more precisely, the tubular structures that define the space, without being overly imposing. These structures take the form of chairs, benches, and equipment for children’s games, but also act as lighting masts and a lantern.

The value of this public space depends primarily on its location: a tree-lined path housing a marketplace, from which user-friendly quiet spaces can be accessed. Before a succession of formal interventions was envisioned, the principal consideration was to ensure the fluidity of circulation around the marketplace.

Urban Lounge | Saint-Etienne | AWP

IMAGES | © AWP, Anna Positano

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