TOPOTEK 1 wins GIFT City master plan design competition


TOPOTEK 1’s entry for the International Invited Design Competition “Landscape Master Plan of GIFT City and its components” has been selected as the winner between four participants. The competition has been held by the Gujarat International Finance Tec City Limited, a Government of Gujarat promoted company.


The form evolves step by step over time from the excavated earth from the building construction showing the new city growth. This dynamic process is a catalyst and signature feature of the general landscape master plan, avoiding earth transportation offering a sustainable approach by recycling all sources on site. The resulting 70 meter highly visible landmark allows a scale transition between the surrounding flat landscape and the high-rise towers. Atop its terrain, a diverse programme revolving around culture, leisure and sports ensures a rich community space for members of all ages.





The landscape along the river Sabamati is characterized by a dense forest park with expansive linearity of continuous tree coverage. The organisation of the forest park reflects the hierarchy of the landscape components. The main connection through the urban boulevard`s green spine is a dense linear path system with multiply pedestrian routes between the two major stations of the site and its office areas. Vegetation gradually changes towards the central green space from water tolerant subtropical/tropical species to dry and heat tolerant tropical thorn forest species.

The recreational zone acts as a buffer zone between the adjacent architectural development and the soft green park areas. As an urban promenade is treated with playful hardscapes and colourful canopy cover. The programme is equally dispersed between the divided adjacent zones of the special economical zone (SEZ). Each side offers large open spaces for leisure, social interaction and entertainment. Generating a diverse and compelling public space agenda event spaces, green amphitheatres, water stages, sitting steps, piers, boat rental, small retail areas, shaded cafe terraces, sport fields, an outdoor gym and playgrounds proposed along the promenade.




The organisation of central green spaces reflects the hierarchy of the landscape components. The forefront forest park before the recreational zone echoes the unique and individual character of landscape. The main connection through the urban boulevard`s green  spine is a dense linear path system with multiply pedestrian routes between the two major stations of the siteand its office areas. The mountain of the central greenery is a catalyst and signature feature of the overall landscape concept, simultaneously generating opportunities for ecology, recreation and leisure. Converted into a 70m high multilevel hilltop, the raised topography maximise the spacial potential of the area of the central public landscape. The programme of the mountain is distributed on three main levels. From ground level to the first level, the mountain hosts a number of sport and play activities – including topographically integrated outdoor programme such as hiking canopy trails and climbing areas. The transition of the forested landscape into the large, open green stepped meadow, allows for space of generous proportions for events of various scale and as a multifunctional green open park area. 



The interconnected pedestrian network of private blocks follows the significant flowbetween the main transportation hubs of the site. The organization of the pedestriannetwork within each block aims to create large green openings in the central spaces, thusprogramme and facilities are set on the side of buildings as an extension of the building’spaved areas. Wide generous connections link each parking garage of the office blocks.Programme and rich ground cover are concentrated under the shaded areas. Cafe terraces,outdoor dining and powered workstations provide a rich outdoor programme. Each zoneis identifiable by a unique selection of shade tolerant and decorative flowering species.The GIFT city streetscape is divided in two major character zones. Roads in directconnection with the forest park and it´s waterfront reflect the character of a denselyplanted romantic landscape, while streets along the movement axis and those parallel to itkeep a clear but elegant urban character.


Landscape Master Plan of GIFT City and its components
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Client | Gujarat International Finance Tec City Limited

Landscape architect | TOPOTEK 1

Competition | 1st Prize, 2015

Size | 92 ha

Images Credit | @TOPOTEK 1

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