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Landscape architects practice negotiates between budget, brief and design. The valuable analysis, research and dialogue that underpins many projects are often put ‘on the shelf’ once the project is complete.



Tickle TCL’s dedicated research unit aims to capture and disseminate these important explorations. Tickle was established to extend the boundaries of conventional design practice and establish a dedicated research unit that is conducting non-for-profit research, investigating and exploring different research streams within the studio environment.





Tickle Booklets 01 – 06 is the first set of booklets to be produced by Tickle.
• Booklet 01 – Waterfronts – ‘Waterfront Amnesia: post-industrial waterfronts and the search for authenticity’
• Booklet 02 – Streetscapes, sectional analysis of 13 key street types.
• Booklet 03 – Peculiar Places – An exhibition catalogue of Peculiar Places was a Tickle initiated exhibition that sought to defy the consumerism of landscape.
• Booklet 04 – Clocked Off an exhibition catalogue collates the creative pursuits of the TCL studio’s once they have left work for the day.
• Booklet 05 – Pop-Ups booklet documents and examines a number of Pop-Ups and Jen Lynch’s insightful analytical essays explore the meaning and effects of these pop-ups on our city.
• Booklet 06 – Victoria Square/ Tarndanyangga ESD
This collection of booklets documents research into landscape architecture. The research is carried out through a culture of staff involvement, shared discourse and formed alliances facilitated through the identification and establishment of project / research relationships. Tickle will speculate on the future of landscape architecture and emerging practice, and how TCL may continue to meaningfully contribute to and challenge existing paradigms.


The production and curation of Tickle Booklets 01-06 required thought, care and appreciation of what is intangible. Through battling with the idea of losing the data within the ‘system’ the booklets extract the data and transform it into a designed legible booklet that can transfer the knowledge from designer to a wider audience. Through this act rigour is sought to define the content and push the boundaries of how a landscape architect can act within practice. Over the past 3 years tickle has collated exhibitions, research and investigations into accessible documents. The first six booklets include Waterfronts 01, Streetscapes 02, Peculiar Places 03, Clocked Off 04 and Pop-Ups 05 and Victoria Square/ Tarndanyangga ESD 06. Together these booklets aim to capture the parallel investigations of our practice and collate it for future reflection, progression and dissemination to a broader audience. This is the first six in the on-going series that will capture the events, research and investigations of the research unit Tickle.



Project Team
Authors |  Taylor Cullity Lethlean
Graphic Design | Sandra Elms Design
PHOTOGRAPHY | John Gollings, Ben Wrigley & Simon Devitt