Tree decision making tools launched

Tree Reports launched to assist decision makers

Urban Forests and trees are an important of the urban realm and the public, managers and designers require documents to assist in making the informed decisions. Thankfully, three tools were recently launched at the Urban Forests and Sustainable Futures that assist everyone in their pursuit of creating great urban spaces.

The Trees and Design Action Group  launched the Trees in Townscapes Trees in the Townscape, a Guide for Decision Makers, a new guide offers 12 principles of best practice; Neighbourhoods Green launched their web based toolkit Tree Management Toolkit that is intended to provide advice and information to support registered housing providers to develop their tree strategies; and lastly, the i-Tree Report, commissioned by the Victoria Business Improvement  which reveals how trees in Victoria are saving the business community thousands of pounds(GBP) a year.

Trees in Townscapes Trees in the Townscape, a Guide for Decision Makers | Trees and Design Action Group

Tree Reports launched to assist decision makers This new guide offers 12 principles of best practice for all those involved in local decision making to ensure that our 21st century towns and cities are underpinned by a 21st century approach to urban trees, for maximum economic, social and environmental returns.

The 12 principles of best practice promoted in the guide had already received 12 endorsements from local authority councillors, local businesses or community organisations and social landlords as well as from government agencies such as the Forestry Commission! See our press release for more details on the launch.

34 case studies provide real-life examples of the principles in action, giving insight into best practice from all over England including Birmingham, Bristol, Hackney, Islington, Leeds, Newcastle, Oxford, Plymouth, Torbay, and Sefton as well as from further afield including the US and Hong Kong.

Tree Management Toolkit
Neighbourhoods Green

This web based toolkit is intended to provide advice and information to support registered housing providers to develop their tree strategies. A wide range of information already exists on trees; this resource will provide signposts and links to this information where appropriate. This toolkit recognises that it cannot reproduce or replace the skills and experience of trained and experienced tree professionals. It provides information on what those skills might be, when they should be used and where they can be found.

This resource has been developed by Neighbourhoods Green in partnership with the Greater London Authority. The ten sections of the toolkit can all be accessed through the links on the right-hand side of this page.


i-Tree Report | Victoria Business Improvement

The Victoria BID has commissioned research to provide a clearer understanding of the benefits that green infrastructure can deliver for urban areas. Trees in particular can provide a wide range of benefits (or ecosystem services) such as storing carbon, reducing the urban heat island effect and improving air quality. Understanding the structure, function and value of Victoria Business Improvement District’s green infrastructure can inform decisions that will improve human health and environmental quality.

The report presents a baseline quantitative assessment of the air pollution, amenity, carbon storage and sequestration benefits of trees as well as the storm water and surface temperature benefits of existing green infrastructure in the Victoria BID. This is accompanied with detailed information on the character of the Victoria BID’s existing treescape.


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