Three parks come together in The International Park

LOLA international park the hague 03 impression haringkade
Impression of the new bridges at the Haringkade

The Municipality of The Hague presented the vision for The International Park which will connect three existing parks – the Scheveningse Bosjes, the Waterpartij and the Westbroekpark – into one improved city park that rivals London’s Hyde Park in size.

It will connect both man and nature in the area between the city center and the beach. Together, the three parks become stronger. So strong, in fact, that they can grow into a green icon for the city. They will undergo a major refurbishment in several phases. The ambitious vision document for the new park has been developed and elaborated by LOLA landscape architects and creative communications agency KesselsKramer in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague.

LOLA international park the hague 01 vision map2030
Vision map 2030


LOLA international park the hague 06 entrance scheveningseweg
Isometry of the entrance at the Scheveningseweg
LOLA international park the hague 10 1km bank
Isometry of the 1km bank at the Scheveningseweg
LOLA international park the hague 05 impression scheveningse bosjes
Impression of the urban nature in the Scheveningse Bosjes

At the heart of the International Zone are three beautiful green areas, each with its own particular character: the landscape at de Waterpartij, the rugged Scheveningse Bosjes and gardenesque Westbroekpark. These three areas are coincidentally adjacent to one another yet remain quite separated. By improving the connections between these parks, they can be put on the map as a destination for residents and visitors looking to experience a park that is truly representative of city of The Hague.

LOLA international park the hague 09 bridges
Isometry of the new bridges in the International Park

The parks will become better connected in several ways. Physical connections, such as an underpass for pedestrians, cyclists, flora and fauna at the B.M. Teldersweg, an improved path structure, and a main circuit about five kilometers long (a loop through the park) will be constructed. There will also be recognizable park trees planted. A major revamp is planned to ensure that the greenery in the park improves in quality. The aim is to create more forest, with trees and vegetation that can grow larger and support a greater variety of flora and fauna. These upgrades seek to retain and emphasize the different characters of the three areas.

LOLA international park the hague 08 viaduct
Isometry of the viaduct at the B.M. Teldersweg
LOLA international park the hague 02 impression viaduct
Impression of the viaduct that connects the parks

Spatially, the park is divided into zones. In some places, visitors can enjoy the silence and nature. In other parts year round activities and small-scale events can be organized. For example, a large play pond will be created where children can splash in summer and where residents can skate in winter.

LOLA international park the hague 04 impression waterpartij
Impression of the Water chamber which retrieves its allure

The International Park is located in the heart of the International Zone and surrounded by top attractions, including the Peace Palace, the Municipal Museum and Madurodam. The ambition document, created by LOLA landscape architects, KesselsKramer and the Municipality of The Hague, which presents the vision for the connection of the three parks to a green icon for the city.

LOLA international park the hague 11 communication kesselskramer tram
Impression of a campaign image for the International Park on a Hague tram | Image Credit | KesselsKramer
LOLA international park the hague 12 communication kesselskramer
Impression of a poster campaign for International Park | Image Credit | KesselsKramer

Image Credits | Lola Landscape Architects and as noted


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