This Week In Landscape | 15 September 2013

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How urban planners’ bid to impose order on cities is compromised | Jonathan Foyle | FT
“We like to think we are free agents, entitled to some individual expression in our built environment. But if world history is one long stumble towards emancipation, are planned cities – the imposition of urban order in which a single design process dictates the pattern of our lives – really a good idea?”

Forget forests, an urban jungle is what we need | Neil Hudson | Yorkshire Evening Post
“Various studies have shown that if you stand in patch of greenery for just three minutes, you can lower your blood pressure. Other studied have proved a link between healing rates and people being given access to trees.”

ASLA Launches New Guide on Health Benefits of Nature | J.Green | The Dirt
A new online guide launched today by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) showcases the long- and short-term mental and physical health benefits of spending time outside.

Creating the park of the future | David Montgomery | Washington Post Magazine
Making a park widely beloved is a survival strategy. Park lovers become volunteers, or dues-paying members of a conservancy or friends-of group, which are among the models the planners will consider to make Franklin self-sustaining.

Architects’ dilemma on memorials: Forget and heal, or confront and grieve | Alison Hirsch | USC News
“Urban historian and theorist Alison Hirsch, USC assistant professor of landscape architecture, spoke to Allison Engel of USC Communications about the cathartic and historic importance of public memorial monuments.”

A new Memorial Park takes shape: $100 million redesign to tackle drought damage | Joel Luks | Culture Map Houston
“A redesign initiative that could take as long as 20 years and cost upwards of $100 million has selected its scout leader. Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects…”

Souto de Moura Speaks at GSD on Design Prize | Miriam M. Barnum
In celebration of the prize, Souto de Moura visited the Harvard Graduate School of Design to participate in a panel discussion with jury member Rahul Mehrotra, chair of the department of Urban Planning and Design at the GSD.

Leith Late unveils The Mural Project | Ray Philip | The Scotsman
“The Mural Project extends the idea by commissioning a group of local artists, The Blameless Collective, to collaborate on a 28 ft high, 31 ft wide piece on the corner of Halmyre Street and Gordon Street that has been eight months in the making.”

El ingeniero Gilles Clément destaca la Ribeira Sacra como ´refugio de diversidad´ | Faro De Vigo
Imparte un curso de paisajismo en la antigua central de Parada do Sil, organizado por la Fundación Juana de Vega – Participan 28 alumnos de varias universidades europeas

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