“The Rainforest” seeks to evoke the surrounding landscape for residents


The Rainforest is an executive condominium housing development set amidst vast landscaped grounds that evoke the look of a nature reserve. Spanning an area of 17,590 square metres situated along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3, the residential development is well integrated with its lush tropical setting.


A key concept of the landscape design is to create a beautiful landscaped space that protects and propagates our indigenous flora, which is being edged out by urbanisation and the popular use of exotic plants. In Singapore, urban development has led to the loss of natural rainforest habitats. The greening of the city, albeit highly beneficial, also contributes to this dilemma. The continuous introduction of exotic ornamental flora has also slowly edged out native flora species over the years.


Prompted by this issue, the rejuvenation of indigenous flora, such as the Calophylum Inophyllum tree and the Dillenia Suffruticosa shrub, plays a central part in the landscape design of The Rainforest. The concept revolves around a landscape that provides relief, recreation and relaxation to homeowners, and also offers sanctuary to the native flora of Singapore.


A major theme of the landscape design hinges on showcasing the diversity of native flora. Emphasis is placed on using indigenous flora to attract the local fauna as a way of rejuvenating the woodland corridor. The landscape also plays its part in rebuilding the native flora population of Singapore. They will be given sanctuary in this enclave just as it offers a garden for the homeowners to enjoy.



Inspiration for the landscape design was derived from the nearby nature reserve. Making reference to the reserve, which is populated by native flora, the landscape design explores the idea of having vegetation and landscape terrain mimic that of the nature reserve, while being well integrated with the apartment buildings. Having visitors interact with native flora species throughout the residential development enhances appreciation in ecosystems native to Singapore. The design evokes the surrounds of a forest, where the footpaths lead to diverse microenvironments that offer rest, recreation, education and relaxation.



A unique Canopy Deck is cantilevered over sections of the ground floor pools and provides a wonderful canopy walkway experience. Stretching over the roofs of the carpark and clubhouse, the Canopy Deck has a sun lounging area and niches amongst planters for the children’s playground and gathering spaces, accessed from the ground level via a spiral staircase. This deck forms the cavern-like structure that shelters the spa pool below. The multi level landscape introduces an exciting and unique way to experience the landscape from a different perspective, like that of canopy walks in nature reserves. This experience culminates with a lookout tower that commemorates an eagle that lived in one of the trees on the site.



The biopond and the bioswale create attractive microenvironments that offer opportunity for education. The pond is self-sustaining and acts as a natural water runoff filter. Ecologically, it performs two important functions. Firstly, the various plants and animals cohabiting the pond maintain food chains that ensure a healthy water environment. Secondly, they provide a habitat for various fauna and contributes to re-establishing the ecological biodiversity within the development. The bioswale both captures and filters surface drainage runoff before discharging to the drainage system in the event of heavy downpours. Besides being visual treats, the informative signage at the pond and bioswale in the garden help educate residents about these ecosystems.


The Rainforest landscaping project is an ingenious mix of elements that creates an unique rainforest experience for urban dwellers. The landscape design successfully provides recreation and relaxation to homeowners, while also offering sanctuary to the indigenous plants of Singapore. The development also features a 3-metre high green wall to provide a strong green statement for residents to enjoy, as well as rain gardens and flowering trees. Gardens are also included on the 7th, 12th and 17th floor of the condominium where sky terraces and outdoor dining spaces are located, so that greenery is never far from the homeowners.



Paterson Collection offers homeowners not only an attractively designed landscape to be proud of, but also a home in a resort club setting replete with environmentally conscious garden design. It provides a lifestyle quality, befitting modern urban living.



Site Area 17,590 square metres
Completion date 14 November 2014
Location Singapore

Landscape design ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Project director Lena Quek
Photography Bai Jiwen

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