The International Garden Festival announces the designers for 2015

SE MOUILLER (la belle échappée) by Groupe A / Annexe U

The International Garden Festival is pleased to announce the names of the designers selected by the jury for the 16th edition of the Festival presented at the Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens from June 26 to September 27, 2015. The competition attracted 309 proposals for contemporary gardens submitted by over 700 architects, landscape architects, designers and artists from 34 countries.

“Buzz” is the operative word guiding the 2015 Festival with new creations by designers from Canada, France and Israel. The installations selected by the jury have a special energy and connection to the natural world. The temporary gardens have a degree of interactivity that encourages visitors to enter with enthusiasm. The goal is to intrigue visitors with the unusual or to impress by new ways of presenting what is common.


The new gardens selected for the 2015 edition are:


Around-About by Talmon Biran architecture studio [Roy Talmon, architect & Noa Biran, architect], Tel Aviv, Israel. “Three large mobile harrows are placed inside a gravel field. These instruments, whose design is inspired by traditional agricultural machinery, rake gravel in a circular manner. Here visitors will be active participants in the composition and the deconstruction of the garden.”



Carré bleu sur fond blanc by o.k. [Kihan Kim, landscape architect & Ophélie Bouvet, landscape architect], Paris, France. “The idea for this garden was born from a chance discovery made under a hammock. Stubborn in their search of sun, flowers had pushed through the netting and pierced it with their bloom. They created a random pattern on the blank canvas of the hammock.”


I like to move it by DIX NEUF CENT QUATRE VINGT SIX Architecture [Mathilde Gaudemet, architect & Arthur Ozenne, architect], Paris, France. “In this garden, the visitor will face a seemingly wild meadow. Grasses and a few birch trees grow together against the backdrop of dense greenery. There seems to be little going on here. But the straight lines at ground level, punctuating the space, create a rhythm and attract the visitor’s attention.”


Popple by Meaghan Hunter, landscape architect & Suzy Melo, landscape architect, Winnipeg (Manitoba) Canada. “In a wooded area, a large curtain of colorful metal disks dance in the wind to create a melody and a visual buzz, evoking the leaves of trembling aspen. This sensory experience seeks to highlight the simple beauty of the forest.”


Se mouiller (la belle échappée) by Groupe A / Annexe U [Jean-François Laroche, architect, Rémi Morency, architect and urbanist, Erick Rivard, architect & Maxime Rousseau, architect], Québec (Québec) Canada. “The installation explores the discussion about invasive species and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Here plants will be kept in a kind of vise that visitors will be invited to enter.”

The Archipelago (An Atlas of Biomes) by Pedro Pitarch Alonso, architect, Madrid, Spain, received a special mention from the jury.

All of the 309 entries are exhibited on-line on the website of the Festival as part of the annual exhibition of competition entries.

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  1. Hello, once again no mention is made about WHERE is this internationnal garden festival supposed to be held? I gather métis and Reford mean that it is not the Chaumont Festival in France, but then anybody could inform the rest of the world as to in which country it might be? Thank you

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